Private taxis from Casablanca Mohammed V Airport to City



For most visitors to Morocco, the Casablanca Mohammed V airport is the starting point of their vacation. The city might seem overwhelming to new arrivals. Don’t worry. Our Casablanca airport transfer service will guide you and safely drop you off at your destination.   

When a traveler is looking for Casablanca airport transfer service, they need to consider a few things. Such as, the privacy of their transfer taxis, helpful drivers, and a transport company that is concerned about their passenger's optimum well-being during the transfer. Calculate all that and our Casablanca airport taxis will look like your best choice.  


The transportation from the airport is going to be your first experience in Morocco. And we take great care to make that a pleasant and memorable one. From the private arrangement of vehicles to the driver awaiting your arrival, our Casablanca airport taxi  service does everything possible to make you feel welcome.  


When you make your reservation, make sure to tell us your flight number, so that we can track your flight and alert you if there are any delays. Passing immigration and getting your bags can take a long time during peak times, but don't worry; your driver will be waiting for you

Flight Monitored

Our Casablanca Airport Transfers always include a private, air-conditioned vehicle with professional driver. Our drivers can speak French, Spanish, Arabic and English. You can indicate your preferred language when you book.

Private Vehicle

Your private vehicle will transport you from Casablanca Airport to your desired location in the city. If your drop-off location is not accessible by car, the driver will walk with you or arrange a meeting place with a member of your hotel's staff.

Door To Door Service

Private taxis from Casablanca Mohammed V Airport to City

Benefits from Casablanca Airport  taxi and transfer 

Are you tired of the long lines? We do too, which is the reason we offer private casablanca airport transfers that are about 20 to 30 minutes quicker than the local, poor taxis. Making your reservation online assures you that a professional driver will be waiting to greet you at day of your arrival.

Our drivers who are licensed are multilingual. Therefore, you will not face any language issues with your personal driver. Of course, that's not the case for local taxi drivers. They aren't fluent in other languages, which means you'll need to get them to talk to you.

We believe in transparency. This is why we allow our clients to be informed beforehand and pay online for the cost of the Casablanca Airport transfer. In contrast, each one of the taxis drivers you'll encounter upon arrival, has their own price (always excessive in comparison to the standard of service offered) that is by the appearance of the passenger.

Nobody wants to begin their vacation in a new country by having an uninspiring and difficult transfer because of shabby taxis. Private Taxi Rabat is a safe haven from anything that could ruin your mood. It makes available to of its clients the luxury cars of its fleet. They are regularly inspected and are not more than 4 years old. They are able to meet standards for safety and comfort, including air conditioning and luggage space, as well as baby safety seats and Wi-Fi hotspots.

No Chance Of Missing Your Taxi Due To Flight Monitoring  

You will be requested to give your flight number while making the reservation for the transfer. This helps us to track your flight so that we can arrive at Casablanca airport in time. We will be alert in case of any delay.  


Therefore, there is no chance of any misunderstanding or missing your transfer taxi. After a hectic flight and immigration, missing your taxi is the last thing you would want at the Casablanca Mohammed v airport.  


The official formalities after you land at the Casablanca airport do not come with a fixed time. It can take anywhere from twenty minutes to even hours. If you are someone waiting outside the airport for you, they might misunderstand the situation. As a result, that person might leave the airport without you.  


This usually happens when a flight is delayed. A flight that didn’t land at its scheduled time at Casablanca airport will cause overcrowding at the immigration line. Plus, the luggage belt will be packed with bags and people around it. All this can lead you to miss your appointment with your taxi driver after landing at Casablanca airport.  


When we have your flight number, you don’t have to worry about the delay. As we are already tracking your flight, we will be well aware of the extra time and will arrange our presence accordingly outside Casablanca airport. Our drivers are patient and friendly. So, you can be well-assured that you will face any unpleasant situations due to the delay.  


You can fully focus on the immigration and luggage belt. These are lengthy processes. So, take your time. Don’t worry about missing your ride. The driver will wait patiently for your arrival.  

Our Taxi & Transfers Service from Casabalnca Airport

Our Casablanca Airport taxis will transport you to any desired location in the city from the Casablanca Mohammed V airport. It might be a hotel, rental apartment, or your friend’s house. Our Casablanca airport transfer vehicles reach everywhere.  


When you are coming to Morocco as a tourist you can find the landscape quite overwhelming. The city of Casablanca is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Therefore, it is very easy to get lost in it. Finding an address can also be a challenge. But you can leave that to our taxi drivers.   


There is no problem if you are new to Morocco and don’t know the first thing about your destination. Our experienced taxi driver will find out where you are supposed to go and drop you off at the door.  


Besides, the city is a mix of old and new architecture. Some streets are so narrow that you cannot drive an average vehicle through them. Without proper guidance and assistance, you might find yourself in a lot of unwanted hassle.  


If your drop-off spot is inaccessible by car, then our Casablanca airport taxi driver will walk with you until we are sure you are in safe hands. 

No-hidden Fees And Risk-free Payment  

-hidden Fees And Risk-free Payment  

Unlike many Casablanca airport transfer services we don’t hide any of our fees and present them to you later as a nasty surprise. When you use our Casablanca airport taxis, you pay a prepaid fixed tariff.  

What you pay for our Casablanca airport taxi service is a flat rate for any destination in the city. There are going to be hidden charges of any kind. So, you can be a hundred percent sure of your payment.  

Moreover, our payment method is super secure and sophisticated. Our system maintains optimum secrecy for all your private financial information. 

And on top of that, our prices are affordable and reasonable compared to the other Casablanca Airport transportation services. We provide the best and stylish models Casablanca airport taxis and the most pristine Casablanca airport transfer service that speak of your class and status.