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Private, door-to-door service in air-conditioned vehicles.


Reserve your private transfer or day trip securely through our site.


We are fully licensed to operate in Morocco by the Moroccan Ministry of Transport and the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism. Our drivers all have professional licenses.

We also have special insurance for transporting people. Be wary of organizations who offer extremely low pricing by using personal vehicles and insurance, as this is an illegal but prevalent practice. It implies you're not covered in the event of an accident and could be pulled up by the cops.


Private Morocco Tours And Transport

Discover the tailor made taxi transfers we offer to you dear customers,  in a made in Morocco tradition ,where safety and security are  the number one things we take care to have and the number one reason that has us verified, certified and licensed with specific touristic transfer agreements and licenses to be at your services  .

Thanks to our high-end vehicles, including 4*4 cars, mini-buses and vans in full comfort options with air conditioners on, and professional drivers who are ready to drive you from Rabat to any destination, you wish to arrive at , in full peace of mind and five stars transportation service guaranteeing a marvelous state of  touristic solace .

 In privatetaxirabat , we happily and overtly set at your disposal punctual and neat destination’s pickups and drop-offs to set you in the mood for a Moroccan worthy touristic or business oriented visit , with our full option taxies and vehicles.

 We are here to serve you , and satisfy each one of peculiar desire of yours in terms of transportation and private tours or taxis .

Our client centered transportation private service  is to include enabling you to  speak out yourself and inquiries while booking us for a move from a  source destination your target one  to the  , our team of tour and transfer organizers –mainly drivers – speak English, French , Arabic and Spanish in all ease .

In privatetaxirabat we are here for you , for we can adapt to your needs when it comes to private day tours and trips , to immerse you in a cocoon of leaisure and enjoyment , just book us for your private and air conditioned taxi transfer , to enjoy a magic carpet in four wheels . Book your car travel with us once and you will never from having us on a ride ever



We privilege privacy and give you all its benefits with our our taxi service offers you the smoothest of all one-way transfers, private day trips, and private, with all the lust of movement and the lux of going from a destination to another

It is also known that booking your car adventure with us means a lot of things to have a supplements to get you in the best taxi trip ever with a a match with a driver who speaks your language, ad follows your timing needs and wants as well as your appointments , with all inclusive prices that offer you the best gas based trip a few clicks away , we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week , just book your transfer and you see your travek transferred to the best movie like sagas

This service of transportation can put up with solo travelers and group oriented ones , all you need to do is to specify the number of people on your Moroccan trip , the date you arrive to the airport or the day and hour you want to go join your flight , we will be happy to drive you in ou pro mechanos

As we mentioned above , one of our specialties is airport transports alongside fixed one way destinations that vary according to your own wishes .

Actually , and to make it more convenient , we aso offer the ability chose transportation trips to Tangier and the north of the country, we also have vehicles in Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes,directly from our website without extra fees because we are local transporters and we are proud of that .


Booking with privatetaxirabat, does not mean ,irreversibility, for you keep the fool hand and right to  cancel your taxi transfer  free-of-charge up to 24 hours following your online booking purchase

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Our most popular destination, Chefchaouen is famous in Morocco for its blue buildings and charming medina set in a beautiful part of Morocco's countryside.



Morocco's tourist centre, located in the heart of the country and surrounded by desert, Marrakech is a vibrant and rich city full of life and culture.



Casablanca is Morocco's biggest city and sits on the Atlantic coast. It is home to the country's biggest airport and is where most travellers first arrive.



Fes provides plenty of history and culture along with a medina which has been designated a world heritage site.